Rationale Behind the Program’s Effectiveness

I have significant learning disabilities myself (e.g. wasn’t a competent reader until my early 20s) and it was the trials and tribulations I experienced as a student that provided the insight that has allowed me to pinpoint the essential skills and develop a simple, well structured manner in which to teach them.

I never set out to create a remedial reading program. It came about when I realized I was inadvertently having my students decode the vowel first whenever they encountered a challenging word. I have no idea how I fell upon this approach but once it struck me what I was doing and how effective it was, I decided to write it up.

Program Designed Primarily for Parents

Though I knew that teachers would find the Program to be a valuable tool, I designed it with parents in mind for experience has shown they don’t always receive sufficient guidance and support where learning problems are involved. Therefore, apart from presenting a highly successful, user friendly teaching approach, the Guide addresses such issues as homework, study skills, promotion as well as social development for persistent learning problems tend to also hinder growth in this area.

Minna Trower
Bachelor of Education, McGill University
Diploma in Special Education, McGill University
Diploma in Physical Education, McGill University

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