Homework – Part 3 of 3

Establishing Sound Homework Habits

Homework Habits

If your child’s work habits are not satisfactory – e.g. he only does the bare minimum, his work is messy and he lacks an organized approach – then encourage and aid him to do the following:

  • inform his teacher, and/or tutor (if applicable) as well as you, his parents, whenever he lacks understanding of either the subject material or homework instructions;
  • read instructions and questions with care;
  • write grammatically correct sentences;
  • work from an outline when preparing a report;
  • work neatly – this is especially important with math;
  • write clearly and if he has considerable difficulty with cursive writing, encourage the school to allow him to print;
  • help your child develop techniques that will allow him to search out information efficiently. For example, as the needs arise, teach him computer, library and dictionary skills and familiarize him with the function of the table of contents and indexes.

Since a fair number of youngsters and adults experience literacy problems, consider sharing these postings with family and friends as you never know who might appreciate discovering a work that truly enhances lives. For more information on the Program, please explore the rest of the site.

The next posting will be on study skills.

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