Study Skills Outline

Verify that your child is aware of the topic being studied. One would think that this would be an obvious undertaking but it is frequently not the case.

Ensure that your child is attentive to headings and sub-headings.

Have your child identify the main point of a paragraph and ask him to present the information in his own words. Provide as many prompts as necessary so that he does not become frustrated.

To help your child with memorization tasks, acquaint him with the memory aid of mnemonics. For example, the mnemonic HOMES is used to remind a student of the Great Lakes: The H is for Huron, O for Ontario, M for Michigan, E for Erie and S for Superior. Creating mnemonics with your child can be a fun challenge.

Mnemonics can be a helpful learning aid

The next three postings will address the advantages of a holistic approach. The first will focus on promoting your child’s social and emotional development.

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