Holistic Approach – Part 3 of 3

Benefits of Having Your Child Linked with a Mentor

This entails the pairing of a youngster/teen with an adult via a mentoring organization such as the Big Brothers and Big Sisters. The prime goal of these organizations is to help the young develop their potential. Towards this end, the mentees are exposed to a variety of activities which are not only fun but also tend to expand their horizons; they receive assistance with school work; and also benefit from the one-on-one relationship with an adult who has their best interest at heart – factors which all contribute to the building of self-esteem and confidence. If assistance is needed in finding a mentor, contact your child’s school or a social worker.

Establishing a Balance between Homework and Leisure

Balancing time between school work and leisure can be tricky. Consequently, parents, you should prioritize needs according to your prime objective – the development of a happy and peaceful child.

The prime objective is a happy and peacful child

The next posting will present a teaching video depicting an essentially illiterate 7 year old start on the path to reading within 10 minutes of her first session.

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