Homework – Part 2 of 3

Assignments Must Be Well-Suited to a Student’s Ability

Homework and Play

Parents, homework should reinforce the skills that were presented in the classroom. However, if its level is frequently beyond your child’s ability, reinforcement will not occur but stress and frustration will – factors which are not at all conducive to learning. Consequently, if persistent problems exist, keep notes for 3-4 days on how your child copes with the assigned work and then discuss the problems with his teacher(s). For potential solutions, refer to the earlier posting titled Modification of a Student’s Curriculum.

A regular time and place for homework should be established. This helps the student acquire a routine and prevents such arguments as whether he can work in front of the television or other inappropriate places. However, if your child happens to prefer an unconventional location and does work well there, then by all means allow him to use it.

Homework should not be overly time-consuming as relaxation and play should also be part of a child’s day.

If an occasion arises when your child cannot complete his homework, send an explanatory note to his teacher as this will prevent a possible misunderstanding from occurring.

The next entry will address ways to help your child establish good work habits.

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