Homework – Part 1 of 3

Parental Supervision

Parental Supervision of Homework

Although parental supervision benefits all children, it is especially recommended for children with learning difficulties. Through supervision parents can ensure their child understands the homework assignments, provide guidance to help him work in an organized and neat manner and detect if the level and/or quantity of work correspond to his abilities.

However, excessive supervision should be guarded against so that independent work skills develop. To promote these skills, have your child work independently on materials he can handle with ease. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time as well as the difficulty of the work.

Although it is unlikely that a teenager will accept as much supervision as a younger child, it is still advisable to check his homework. In fact, the poorer the work, the more frequent the checks.

If your child’s homework habits are poor, don’t hesitate to discuss them with his teacher(s).

The next posting will address the need for homework to be well-suited to a student’s ability.

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