Tutoring Tips

– Tutoring involves more than simply assisting with homework. The effective tutor teaches the skills and knowledge a student must acquire in order to meet the class standards. Therefore, tutors, don’t hesitate to start teaching below a student’s grade level whenever necessary.

Tutoring Tip #2

– Tutoring should be carried out in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. For instance, the student should be assured that it is quite acceptable to make mistakes. Furthermore, any difficulties he encounters, especially in the early stages of remediation, should be addressed with prompt assistance – within 1-2 seconds.

– Always teach from a point that is well understood by the student.

– Provide students with materials that are well-suited to their ability because if materials are too challenging, they will become overwhelmed and discouraged. Remember, it is the successful experiences that promote learning.

– End a session on a positive note. For example, the reading or shared reading of rhymes is a fun way to achieve this. Recommended authors are Dennis Lee and Sheldon Silverstein.

The next posting will provide practical information on matching reading materials to a student’s ability.

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