Program Designed for Parents

The Darwin the Dragon Reading Program (a.k.a. Vowel First Method) was designed with parents in mind as years of experience have demonstrated that they often don’t receive sufficient guidance and support. As a result, parents tend to lack understanding of their children’s learning problems as well as ways to assist them. In view of this, the Program’s guide addresses such issues as:

  • how to handle the sometimes challenging task of having your child’s learning problems diagnosed;
  • whether parents should tutor their own children;
  • how to choose a tutor;
  • homework including what to do if a child’s assigned work is frequently beyond his/her ability;
  • study skills;
  • promotion;
  • strategies that nurture a child’s social and emotional development.

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Though the Program was designed for parents, teachers are also finding it to be a most valuable tool.

An exciting feature of this Program is that it could be comfortably implemented by individuals who do not have a background in teaching. To compensate for the lack of training, the Program contains the following:

  • clear, user-friendly teaching instructions;
  • detailed lesson plans;
  • an easy to use skill reinforcing workbook;
  • tutor training techniques including a self-testing competency exercise;
  • teaching methods that create an environment which eliminate or at least greatly reduce anxiety and frustration.

A word on parental tutoring, if it results in stress and frustration on a fairly regular basis, it should be avoided. More information on this subject is upcoming.

The next posting will address Learning Disabilities – a neurological condition which complicates the learning process.

Side Notes

– To avoid excessive pronoun clutter (e.g. he/she), the masculine pronoun is used when a student is being referred to as this reflects the prevalence of males to females with learning problems.

– As the Program’s two titles clutter a sentence, they have been condensed to the Darwin Reading Program for the purpose of these postings.

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