Learning Disabilities – Symptoms

Though the neurological damage involved in Learning Disabilities is considered to be minor, its symptoms can be significant. For example, one can experience the following:

  • in addition to reading difficulties, one can encounter problems with math and spelling;
  • a limited attention span,
  • poor memory,
  • hyperactivity – e.g. boys tend to be physically active while girl tend to talk quite a bit;
  • poor organizational skills – e.g. a messy bedroom and/or classroom desk as well as a tendency to be late;
  • poor fine motor control – e.g. difficulty with writing and tool manipulation;
  • poor gross motor control – e.g. awkwardness with activities such as running, swimming, skating;
  • emotional and social immaturity.

Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

The number of symptoms experienced and their degree of intensity vary among individuals. Though this condition can make learning challenging, it is important for parents to understand that with effective remediation and support their child can adapt to his learning difficulties.

The next posting should clear up the misconception that an individual with Learning Disabilities has a low I.Q.

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