Holistic Approach – Part 2 of 3

The importance of Friendships and Physical Activities

Helping your Child Cultivate Friendships

As it is truly important that your child has friends, encourage him to invite playmates home. Start by inviting one at a time and then increase the numbers if so desired. To ensure a positive experience, be prepared to offer playtime suggestions in case a lull in activity occurs.

Encouraging a Reluctant Child to Participate in Physical Activities

If your child appears to lack ability in sports, encourage him to participate in physical activities. To help him get off on the right foot, it might be wise to first provide him with private coaching. For instance, if a nine year old is open to giving softball a try, his chances of enjoying this activity will significantly increase if he first acquires some throwing, catching and batting skills. Incidentally, coaching need not be a great expense, if any at all, as parents, relatives, friends, or teenagers could do this job quite nicely.

If the first 2-3 sessions of a new activity don’t spark your child’s interest, find one of greater appeal. Should assistance be needed in choosing an activity or, for that matter, teaching a sport related skill, meet with your child’s physical education teacher.

The next posting will address the benefits of having your child linked with a mentor as well as the importance of finding a balance between homework and leisure.

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