Holistic Approach – Part 1 of 3

Promoting Social & Emotional Development

Holistic Approach - Promoting Social and Emotional Development

As a persistent lack of progress tends to chip away at a student’s self-esteem and confidence, remediation should be based on a holistic approach. This approach is not only concerned with academics but also with social, emotional and physical development.

To promote social and emotional growth, parents should encourage their child to participate in various hobbies and activities. This is important as such involvement would allow him to experience pleasure, a sense of belonging and the opportunity to develop new skills – a factor which is important, for a wider skill base increases one’s opportunities for social interaction.

Activities that are apt to promote social and emotional well-being are Scouting/Guiding; individual sports such as Karate; team sports such as soccer; classes in art, drama, dance, instrumental music, singing, cooking, carpentry, photography, etc… Please keep in mind that the importance of developing interests cannot be overstated!

If finances are a concern, bear in mind that some organizations have been known to discretely forego fees and provide equipment. However, qualifying for these benefits may require the intervention of a school representative or a social worker.

The next posting will present suggestions on how to help your child cultivate friendships as well as tips on how to encourage a reluctant child to participate in physical activities.

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