Choosing a Tutor

If parental tutoring results in frustration and stress on a fairly regular basis, it should be avoided as such factors not only inhibit learning but more significantly they can also have a negative impact on the parent/child relationship. Therefore, unless things are going well, hire a tutor or use the services of a reputable learning center. Another alternative would be for parents of children with learning problems to link up and tutor each other’s children.

Attributes to Look for in a Tutor

Give priority to personality traits (e.g. a warm and caring nature, respect for others and patience) rather than an academic background as one can always acquire the science of teaching by referring to an effective program, but the art of teaching is inherent.

Determining a Tutor’s Effectiveness

Weekly or bi-weekly meetings (phone calls work well) for the first month or two in conjunction with the child’s reaction will facilitate this determination.


Minna Trower
Bachelor of Education, McGill University
Diploma in Special Education, McGill University
Diploma in Physical Education, McGill University

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