Intro to the Darwin Remedial Reading Program – Part 2/2

The prime focus of the Program is on the vowels. The rationale here is that since they lack consistency of sound, they are the most difficult part of a word/syllable to decode. The other major points of concentration are on comprehension and syllabication.

It is important to keep the focus of a remedial approach narrow, especially in its early stages, as too much information tends to overwhelm and frustrate struggling students.

The Program’s simple nature allows students to experience success relatively quickly. This is significant because it develops the student’s confidence as it is the powerful forces of progress and faith in one’s ability that fosters further growth.

Re the Program’s Recommendations: In order to best address your students’/child’s needs, don’t hesitate to adjust them.

Rationale Behind the Program’s Effectiveness

I have significant learning disabilities myself (e.g. wasn’t a competent reader until my early 20s) and it was the trials and tribulations I experienced as a student that provided the insight that has allowed me to pinpoint the essential skills and develop a simple, well structured manner in which to teach them.

I never set out to create a remedial reading program. It came about when I realized Continue reading