Factors Which Make The Program Unique

– Since Mrs. Trower’s teaching experience clearly indicated that parents whose children have learning problem frequently lack guidance and support, her Program was designed with them in mind as well as for school volunteers and tutors who lack a viable program to work from. To accommodate laypeople, the Guide contains clear teaching instructions, detailed lesson plans as well as specific tutor-training instructions and self testing exercises. All that a lay person needs is the willingness to devote 1½ – 2 hours acquiring the teaching method. It should be noted that resource teachers would also find the Program to be a valuable tool.

– To help parents acquire a better understanding of their child’s problems, the Guide addresses such issues as the nature of learning disabilities; the development of homework habits and study skills; promotion; what parents can do when class work and homework are frequently beyond their child’s ability; and as persistent academics difficulties tend to affect social and emotional development, the Guide contains solid recommendations that allow parents to promote growth in these areas as well.

– Decoding: In addition to the focus on the vowel sounds, the Program emphasizes syllabication – an area where weaker readers tend to lack competence. In fact, it is often difficulty here that restricts a weak reader’s progress.

– Comprehension – the essence of reading: To develop the required skills, the Guide presents comprehension promoting questions as well as a method that teaches its forerunner skills – observation of punctuation, appropriate rate of fluency and vocal expression.

– A workbook with specifically designed word exercises and reading materials was created so that each skill can be reinforced as it is presented.

– The Program’s effectiveness not only reflects the knowledge Mrs. Trower acquired from her university studies, but more significantly as she has learning disabilities herself, it reflects the insight gained from her own trials and tribulations – insight which has allowed her to pinpoint the essential skills and develop a simple manner to teach them.

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