An Excitingly Effective Remedial Reading Program

Introducing a remedial reading program which addresses problems of various origins including dyslexia, and individuals of all ages. To accommodate this wide range of age, the Program has two titles as well as two sets of teaching instructions.

My name is Minna Trower. I’m a retired special education teacher and have created a highly effective remedial reading program which has been winning the respect of teachers, principals, psychologists and parents.

The rationale behind the Program’s success lies in the fact that I am dyslexic myself. As a student, I went through many trials and tribulations. However, there is a silver lining to my experiences as it was the insight they provided that has allowed me to pinpoint the essential skills and develop an easy to grasp, student-friendly program.

A word on my experiences with dyslexia. I didn’t become a competent reader until my early 20 and while my writing skills have improved significantly over the past few years, it still takes me a long time to get my thoughts down in a coherent manner.

The following examples illustrate the Program’s effectiveness.

- A 49 year old totally illiterate man had been tutored for eleven months and though he was exposed to a variety of remedial approaches, he still couldn’t read. However, the first time my Program was presented, he read his first words ever and six months later he was the recipient of a national award – the Peter Gzowski Learner Achievement Award.

– When I first met a severely dyslexic 12 year old, she could not read words such as log, hut and top. However, within 15 minutes of her first session she was applying the Program’s unique decoding techniques and independently reading words of this nature. Her resource teacher had sat in on the session and was so impressed that she bought the Program then and there. She was using it within a couple of days and continued to do so until she retired. She later mentioned that within the two years she had used the Program she didn’t encounter a single child who didn’t benefit from it.

– After introducing my work to a McGill University Faculty of Education professor, I received an invitation to present at their 2015 Distinguished Educator Seminar Series. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for due to financial cut-backs, 11 out of the 19 seminars were cancelled and this included mine. I’ve decided to mention this for being chosen to participate in such a prestigious event is an accomplishment in itself – one which I believe demonstrates the confidence my colleagues have in my work.

– The School Board psychologist is excited about the Program for she is finding it is reaching students who have been resistant to the various programs and approaches they had previously been exposed to. As a result, she is enthusiastically recommending it to teachers and parents.

For further information on the Program as well as on my professional background, please explore the rest of the site.

The next postings will address why the Program was designed with parents in mind.

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